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Update regarding my MarTac war:

An hour ago I discovered his base had just been unshielded. So I attacked him, he had left some buildings unguarded, so that was easy money. Decided to go quickly back to my base and spend it in case he wanted to retaliate. Surprisingly, he didn’t retaliate. I expected us to end up destroying each other’s base at the same time, but he didn’t attack.

However, he was active during my siege, and decided to speed up the recovery of those four buildings I had attacked. Bad choice, as I quickly attacked them again, along with the rest. I had some Small Energies saved, so I used them not to wait between attack and attack. It was obvious he was desperate to keep me from his resources as he put in the previously-unguarded Command Center his best heroes. I had Internet connection problems (my WiFi sucks), so I had to restart the fight. Then I ran out of time the second attempt. The third’s the charm and I defeated his heroes. Victory is mine bah blah blah.

Your entire base is burning, beatch. And you won’t be able to get anything back, as I’ve already spent it all. So burn my base all you want, you won’t get anything back. If he attacks again, I’ll wait a few days and see if he attacks again, if he doesn’t I’ll return to my usual resource-saving habit. I need to train those heroes to lvl 10.

*Evil laugh here again*

So I’m at war with this guy in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics.

He attacked my base once (or was he retaliating? I don’t know) so I attacked his, and then he attacked mine, then I attacked his blah blah blah. Considering we both were pretty resourceful, each time we attacked each other we got a big chunk of silver and refined Iso-8.

By now I’ve attacked last. But I decided to change things. Considering that the game gives you a fraction of the resources of the player you attack, and because we both had a lot, we both get a lot when we attack eac other. But after attacking him this last time and getting a lot of resources I decided to make this game live up to the “Tactics” part in its title and use a strategy which will hopefully cease this war with me winning.

After getting back my stuff a third time, I decided to spend ALL OF IT. Now I want to see his face when he decides to attack me next time to get 5000 silver in each building as he used to, but instead he gets whatever fraction the game’s gonna give him of merely 1000 silver and 500 refined Iso-8.

*Evil laugh here*

Listen, kid: If you’re a Level 6 Commander, it’s not very smart to attack the base of a Level 25 Commander. Because even though you will get a lot of silver and refined Iso-8 from him, he will retaliate and get back everything you took from him.

And because of that he will attack you every time he gets the chance. And even if you decide to guard your buildings with heroes instead of agents, I would like to see what can your Level 4 heroes do against my Level 10 heroes.

The second you decided to attack the base of a player more than 10 levels higher than you, you signed your death sentence.

So I kinda hate this thing Marvel Studios does with posters in which they need to show the actor’s face so we know who are they paying millions to.

I decided to use a little magic with the Entertainment Weekly Avengers: Age of Ultron cover and give Tony and Steve some goddarn helmets!

Then I decided to make a second one in which Tony’s faceplate is lifted. Because I wouldn’t actually be mad if they decided to go that way in order to show RDJ’s face, what I hate is that Iron Man is in full armor minus his helmet with no reason.

And then the gif comparison between the original and my two shopped versions.

UPDATE: I retouched my versions a little bit so the eyes of the Iron Man helmet were aligned with Tony’s eyes.

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